All of our shoes are either Goodyear Welted and Made in England or sneakers and moccasins that are made in Italy.


When you need a boot, you need a boot. Some people always wear one and others never do. Ours cover a range of styles but all are made to last


The Brogue was originally conceived in the Irish bogs where workers punched holes in their shoes to let the water out. They would then start to make pretty patterns out of the holes and so here we are today, walking the streets of London with holes in our shoes.


A simple design where the back of the shoe (The Quarters) is stitched on top of the front (The Vamp). It is the opposite of the Oxford.


This is where the Front of the shoe (The Vamp) is stitched on top of the back (The Quarters). It creates a “V” where the laces cross.

Mens Sneaker

The sneaker is here to stay. Ours are made in Italy and made from the best leathers. They look like a sneaker but are built like Brogue.

Slip ons

Shoe without laces. Enough said.

'Last Chance'

Most of our shoes are “short runs" and when we get down to the last few pairs we reduce the price and move them into this section. This is therefore your last chance to get a truly unique limited edition shoe.

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For those who have problems with shoe buying because of their feet, we have a full bespoke service. Find out more.
Take a look at our collection of timeless socks, brushes, polishes, shoehorns and trees to keep you in fine foot.
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